About us

We want to capture all the opportunities that technology offers us without ever stopping.

We are SmartBrain, an innovative start-up company made up of engineers and professional expert in FPGA sector. We realize electronic boards with high value added, develop projects according to customer needs, we transform needs into concrete solutions. It is not just design: we have internal resources to test, engineer the product, produce what is needed, provide the right support to solve problems in a short time. With our work we help companies become better in terms of performance, efficiency, productivity and competitiveness reducing development and “time to market” times.

The areas we know well and on which we operate every day are automotive, IoT, artificial intelligence and 4.0 industry, but we are ready to use our skills for new realities with the same passion, attention and energy. We look into the future, we enjoy experimenting, with our tenacity we are ready to overcome difficult obstacles. Our greatest challenge? We gave rise to a system-on-module (SOM) gamma, and now we proudly market it. Many companies say they are young and dynamic, we are for real.

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